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November, 2018

3 big differences between Chinese and American classroom culture


I have been living in the U.S. for three years since August 12, 2010, and have witnessed huge differences among American and Chinese classroom culture. The examples I use in the article are my own classroom experiences from elementary school to high school, and I have no experience studying in a Chinese college or university.

1. Relationship between students and their instructors

The relationship between students and instructors determines the classroom environment. In China, teaching in the classroom is the most respected career. Students are trained to 100% obey their instructors. 

Students can never object to the instructor's opinion about the text book content, unless it was a slip of the tongue. If you have a different opinion about a specific topic, the instructor may give you a chance to share it once in the classroom, but after that, he or she will still require everyone to write the exact thing he or she taught on the exam. 

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