Student members receive benefits:

  • to receive teaching resources, information about job openings and conferences through Google Group;
  • to attend CLTA-OR workshops for free
  • to apply for and earn CLTA-OR Professional Development Award;
  • to register as a CLTA-OR tutor and advertise your tutoring business on CLTA-OR website;
  • to attend statewide teaching competition;

When you get your teaching position, you may upgrade to regular members, who can receive more benefits like:

  • to nominate students in your school to earn Oregon Outstanding Achievement Certificate in Chinese Studies;
  • to elect members to the Board of Directors;
  • to be nominated and elected as a board member (after 3 years of continuous CLTA-OR membership).

CLTA-OR Student Member


    Chinese Language Teachers Association - Oregon


    2501 Country Club Rd

    Lake Oswego, OR 97034

    Attn: Cilei Han

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